Traditional Environmental Knowledge English (UNESCO)

Oct 27, 2020 - 12:00 PM-13:00 PM (Eastern)

For over 350 million indigenous peoples worldwide, climate change impacts are expected to be early and severe due to their location in high-risk environments. To face these challenges, indigenous peoples are mobilizing their in-depth knowledge of the territories that have been the source of their livelihoods for generations. Indigenous knowledge operates at a much finer spatial and temporal scale than science and includes understandings of how to cope with and adapt to environmental variability and trends. Indigenous knowledge thus makes an important contribution to climate change policy, and SDG #13. This conference and associated learning activities will examine the complex nature of climate change and explore practical steps and movements youth can be involved in to make a difference. This conference will be focusing on SDG's: GOAL 4: Quality Education and GOAL 13: Climate Action. Grades 7-12. Science, Social Studies, Environmental Stewardship, ASPNet Schools.

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