RCMPTalks Cyberbullying

Nov 18, 2020 - 12:00 PM-13:00 PM (Eastern)

Bullying and cyberbullying are pervasive problems in schools and communities across Canada. Stories of youth unable to cope with bullying in schools and online are increasingly common. In response, many initiatives across Canada have been developed to help youth deal with these important issues. How can we further empower students to prevent and respond to bullying & cyberbullying? This videoconference will enable students to engage in a discussion that will explore how students can prevent and respond to bullying & cyberbullying. This event will be led by subject matter experts, and will expose students to other perspectives and regions in Canada. By the end of the event, students will have learned about the types and consequences of bullying & cyberbullying, the importance of healthy relationships, steps to take when dealing with bullying & cyberbullying and actions youth can take to help prevent bullying & cyberbullying.

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