Empowering Refugees: Art and Advocacy

Apr 8, 2021 - 12:00 PM-13:00 PM (Eastern)

There are now over 65 million forcibly displaced people on our planet - more than at any time on record. While international organizations provide housing, medical care and food for desperate citizens escaping conflict zones, there are other serious issues that often get ignored. Young people have few educational or creative activities to focus on, families suffer from conflict-related trauma, and sectarian tensions flare up, leading to violence. The need for creative programs that promote healing for children and displaced communities has never been greater. Join us as we speak with Artolution, a community-based public art program that works with displaced youth in partnership with local artists, educators and humanitarian organizations. This organization provides a platform for young people to creatively explore their experiences while connecting with positive adult role models in their community, an important step in the healing process. Grades 6-12.

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